Chiropractic Services Available in Mackay

Your Chiropractor removes interference from the nervous system so that your body can heal itself and function at an optimal level. To do so, they work with the relationship between your nervous system and your spine.

The nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves and is responsible for almost every organ and process in your body. It is the superhighway in your body carrying signals to and from the brain so that each time a movement needs to be made, or a process needs to occur, all of the mechanisms are able to function efficiently.

The picture below shows how the nerves branch out from the brain and spinal cord and gives some idea of the complexity of the nervous system, and the number of messages travelling through it.

The neurological response to chiropractic services in Mackay

With so many possible connections and the incredible number of signals being transmitted through the nervous system, it is imperative that these messages are able to flow without restriction.

Interference in the nervous system occurs when an external force causes a misalignment in the vertebrae, the bones which make up the spine. When a vertebra is displaced, the nerves in its vicinity are not able to transmit messages to their normal extent. This reduced transmission decreases the functioning of the area or process of the body governed by those nerves. The result may be something as simple as pain in a shoulder upon lifting your arm, or as complex as spinal degeneration from years of uncorrected spinal misalignments.

The image below shows a segment from a healthy spine, complete with fully formed vertebrae. The discs between each vertebra consist of jelly like filling surrounded by a tough skin. These provide cushioning between each of the vertebrae, allow for some flexibility throughout the spinal cord and protect the nerve bundles contained within the spinal cord.

Only a small amount of force is needed to disturb the alignment of the vertebrae. For example; lifting something in an unsafe manner or an item which is too heavy, a fall or blow to the spine, or rough or repetitive movements, such as playing sport or certain forms of exercise. Often these misalignments are not an all or nothing thing. Years of degeneration may occur before a person experiences any pain, or even discomfort, but once the symptoms present themselves they may be intensely painful.

Understandably, years of damage cannot be undone with one adjustment. This is why your chiropractor recommends a treatment course which takes into consideration how long you have been experiencing symptoms and the severity of your symptoms.

The image below shows the highlighted disc getting thinner due to degeneration. 

Our goal at Maximum Health Chiropractic is to keep your spine correctly aligned and healthy so you can be symptom free. This allows you to live a life with less restrictions and more time spent doing the things you love. Your Chiropractor achieves this by performing a series of adjustments tailored to meet your specific requirements.