At Maximum Health Chiropractic we offer a select range of products to help you stay healthy and comfortable.


Foot Levellers custom orthotics


These fully customised orthotics are available for purchase after a complimentary foot scan appointment with Dr Noel Elliott (Chiropractor). During the foot scan appointment your Chiropractor will have you stand on a scanner to see how your weight is being distributed across your feet. They will also check if you are turning your feet in whilst walking, if you have any conditions such as bunions or heel spurs causing pain or discomfort and several other indicators for orthotics. Your Chiropractor will determine which option from the Foot Levellers range will best suit your individual circumstances. Members of some health funds may be able to claim a percentage of the cost of the inserts after payment. Please note we are not able to process health fund claims for orthotic purchases here at the clinic.    


Natural latex pillows

These high quality latex pillows are available in low, medium and high and are suitable for people who sleep on their back or side. Your Chiropractor can recommend which height is best for you.


Gel packs and heat wheat packs

Our gel packs are suitable for use hot or cold and we stock several varieties of wheat filled bags which can be heated in a microwave or used cold.