Educational Videos

A short video from Chiroprator Dr Kade showing how to easily stretch the neck muscles, even while sitting at your desk
Dr Kade shows a great way to gently stretch the mid to low back area
Dr Kade shows how to stretch the elbow to relieve discomfort caused by tennis elbow (a repetitive stress injury to the elbow)
Dr Kade shows us a quick way to stretch for better posture

Dr Kade provides a simple stretching exercise for those wanting to decrease tension in the temporomandibular joint (jaw)

Dr Kade demonstrates a stretching technique for the hip muscles

Dr Kade shows us an easy technique for stretching the muscle on the inside of the leg (adductor)

Dr Kade demonstrates a stretch to reduce pain in the pectoral muscle
Dr Kade demonstrates how to stretch the piriformis muscle to ease tension and pain in the hip and leg and lessen sciatic pain